I'm preparing to launch (in the next few weeks, hopefully) a new service. I'm going to be intentionally ambiguous, as I don't want anyone but beta testers using the site until it launches, but the service allows you to store all your files online and access them easily from anywhere.

I'm looking for about 10 beta testers to start sometime next week. Beta testers will each be given six months' free use of the service (I haven't decided on pricing yet, but that'll probably be about a $30 value). I expect testers to use the service, provide feedback, and report bugs. They are of course welcome to use it for their own, personal purposes.

I apologize for providing so few details -- anyone who's genuinely interested is welcome to PM me for a few more details.

I'll provide a screenshot to whet the appetites of those interested. It's the top right-hand corner of the page, with content erased.

If you're interested, please PM me -- it'll be easy work with a nice reward.