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    I was customer of for 11 months from june,04 to may,05. At that time I was looking for a stable host with good features. Personalsites also had a 10 % off in the webhostingtalk offers section. More than positive reviews, I was concerend if they had received any negative reviews. Asked a few presale questions and signed up. Signup and activation took 24 hours(done manually to prevent fraud).

    Over the next 2 months I had questions about cgi scripting. At first I thought it was a problem with my account but later found out that this was common to all cpanel accounts. Made a few changes and it worked fine then.

    Once you opened a ticket, response time was decent. For minor queries/requests, I would just message Adam(the owner) on aim. Downtime has probably been an hour or so. Over the past 8 months I have been winding up my web work so my space and bandwidth requirements went down quite a bit. But my email account(at personalsites) had some 300MB of mail. So I was using my hosting account as an IMAP mail server. In may I moved my mail to and the remaining few websites from personalsites to another host(is an annual acct. I used to have a political site at this host but closed it down).

    In dec, personalsites announced that all their servers would be upgraded to dual xeon's. Over the next 6 months, some of the servers have been upgraded, others are still awaiting upgradation. Adam told me that he was waiting for additional space at the hosting center.

    Personal sites has a dedicated support website( ). I'm not sure if non-customers are allowed to post there but you might give it a try if you have any questions about the servers, service etc.

    Presale signup questions- 9/10
    Account setup- 9/10
    Response time- 8/10
    Server stability/responsiveness - 8/10 ( I was on the single p-4 server so loads were a bit high at times).
    Questions answered to satisfaction- 9/10.
    Uptime- 10/10
    Billing- no problems. I think personalsites offers a 15 or 30 day money-back guarantee.
    As far as I know, personalsites does not do dedicated or vps.

    If you have reasonable (no 1GB/50GB for 3 $ requests) webhosting requirements and want stress free hosting, I would suggest giving a try. Make sure you get an account on one of the upgraded dual xeon servers.

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    Seems like a great host!

    Best of luck with it
    New site:

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    Could you please post your site's url?

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    Yes, we want to see your website!

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    I would love to take a look at it also
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