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    Just wondering if anyone heard anything about the company called ilangame they have been down for about 5 days now with no word. Everything is shut down 800 number emails tickets and they didnt even have a website up untill yesterday. I actually thought the site would go back online since thier website came back online yesterday. Just wondering if anyone can find anything out. Thanks in advance

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    They are in the same datacenter we are in. Last I heard was that Peer1 is shutting down all of their servers and they are totally shutting down. We have been trying to contact them (we have the owners cell), no response yet. I will keep you updated.

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    If you have servers that are colocated with them, if the datacenter is owned by Peer1, they supposedly are allowing the servers to be removed. If your servers are colocated with ILAN at a Equinix datacenter, as of now, you will have to wait for ILAN to release your server to you.

  4. #4, a case of deja vu I think there was a thread about iLan in the Dedicated Server forums that may have some information for you regarding the colocation customer issues.

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