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    after manually copying users, passwords dont work

    Long story short, a harddrive somehow bit the dust, no backup files...I had to copy over all user data manually, copied /var/cpanel/* over, also /etc/passwd and /etc/group

    Now, some account passwords work while others do not. Even if i reset the password, they still wont work when it comes to logging into Cpanel or selecting the accounts, most of which are resold, from the admin combo box within Cpanel (the administrative user for those accounts works fine)

    Question is, what can i do to fix it, or is there other password data I should copy from some other location?

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    Also, i *can* login to Mysql just fine (via phpmyadmin), so even though the storage system is different for mysql, aparently the pw changes are being made [at least in one location]

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    *bump meh*

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    Did you copied ' /etc/shadow ' file from your backup??
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