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    I have owned the domain names and for a few years. They have some type in traffic that increases during the summer, but at it's peak it is still under 30 a month.

    I think "summer blockbuster" is a common term used to describe movies and other things, which is why I registered the names. My intent was always to create a summer movie site that would track the revenues generated for the summer movies and have reviews and messages boards for the movies. I never spent the time to do this.

    I have been told, at another forum, that the names (sold together) would be worth $4,000+. I have never had an offer for them, so I wanted to see what the feeling on their value was here.



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    Hmmmm i certainly wouldnt make that assumption. I dont think they would be worth so much unless the term your talking about is real popular where ever in the world you are.
    Good luck with the sale

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    Maybe it is just in the US that the term "summer blockbuster" is used.

    Google has 765,000+ results for it. Not a lot, but at least I know people use it.

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    You might want to wrap quotes around that search query.

    query: "summer blockbuster"
    hit: 'The film of 2002 was a summer blockbuster.'
    Is a little different than:
    query: summer blockbuster.
    hit: 'This film was released in the summer of 2002 and can now be rented at Blockbuster.'
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    the domain name is really long and 30 users monthly is really low, I would say reg fee. Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    I would say it is not worth more than mid $xx
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