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    what would you do?

    I want to get a few opinions here - we're about to launch a new website. I'm trying to decide if . . .

    1.) Don't touch our logo and slap it on both sites
    2.) Redesign our logo entirely, then use it on both sites
    3.) Create a completely unique "corporate" logo for UbiquityServers

    Our thoughts on this have collectively been waivering between these three options for some time now; I'd be interested in some more professional opinions from a design / marketting standpoint on what would be best. Links to both sites are in my signature, please let me know what you think!
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    I am designer with over 100 web sites portfolio, and about 15 of them was complete corporate identity package.
    according to my clients opinion
    If you take complete new logo (and identity) and promote it oy right way, you will be happy.
    Rebranding your corporate identity is not much complicated and pain as you think.
    My advice go with option 3

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    You might want to change just the graphic associated with your logo but keep the "Ubiquity" the same.

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