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    Eryxma Glexicon

    What ever happened to Glexicon? I was a former Eryxma customer for over 1.5 years and I was there when it went down. I just kinda gave up and watched my CC bill hoping nothing happened. Of course that CC is gone today and so I could care less if they tried to screw around more. I wonder what has become of "Joe" and did you guys ever find out whether Joe/Shang/Ortiz = Robert = Patrick? Just wondering.

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    Firstly, there are quite a few threads spread around WHT about the failure of Glexicon. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find them.

    However, as an ex-employee of Glexicon I can shed a little light on the matter for you.

    It ultimately came down to lack of funding after Josuee Shang Ortiz (a.k.a. Joe Shiekron) charged customers of Glexicon/Eryxma several times, and put the whole Glexicon acquisition of Eryxma customers in jeopardy.

    I can confirm that Josuee Shang Ortiz, Robert Hinojosa and Patrick Lacrosse are indeed 3 separate people. The latter being 2 very good people and the first being an utter ... (in my opinion). I won't say the word or I'll get banned from WHT.

    As I said, the customer acquisition was put in jeopardy when Josuee decided to charge customers multiple times, withdraw access to funding and try to take over the process himself after Robert, myself and others had it under control.

    The fact of the matter was that Josuee was unable to manage Eryxma on his own any more and decided to relinquish management to Robert, who is more than capable of handling it, and handling it well. However, Josuee is what one would call a "control freak", and was constantly demanding things be done his way, despite having relinquished control to Robert (although Josuee was to still be part of the company).

    Currently, Josuee, Robert and Patrick are now getting on with their lives as I am, and as everyone should be doing after the fiasco. Glexicon and Eryxma are now in the past, and should remain there.

    I hope this has shed some light onto the matter. This was of course a highly abridged version of the happenings. Maybe one day I will expand more on them...

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    Have you ever heard from Joe since?

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