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    Question Alternatives to layeredtech


    Following a long month of issues and a server that still does not work. I am walking away from layeredtech! $209 wasted but live and learn.

    I already have a server thats great with server matrix, but do not want all my servers in the same data centre or with the same company. I have a guy who does my server admin but he could not work out what is wrong with the box from layeredtech.

    Any sugestions as to who to go with, one thing I have learn't is that I need to be able to talk to a human if there is an issue.


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    I have some servers at iWeb ( since november 2004. I was with Sagonet before, and I'm really happy about the move I made. IWeb got a great connection, the technical support is fast and accurate (I needed them 3 times, the 3 times my problem has been fixed within the 15 next minutes), and the prices are really hard to beat, especially in Canada.
    If you need more information about them, just contact me, I can probably answer almost all of your questions about them

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    Since Layered Tech is an "unmanaged" type server company you may want to go with a fully managed machine next time.

    What location are you looking for?

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    258 good good good

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    70 more than good , what are u talkin bout?

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    I also second
    You should definitely check them out - their pricing is competitive and a great team behind the company/support.
    Web hosting by Fused For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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    I second BaZzAlthost's comments on The prices are hard to beat, good speeds, and my server has been solid for many months

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