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    Password Changer

    In this post,, i was looking for a password changer that would allow my users to chnage thier ftp password from the web. I am on apache 2, php4, and proftpd. Does anybody know of a script that would let me do this?

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    How are you storing your passwords? Does proftpd authenticate with your system account passwords, with MySQL, with a flat file? MySQL would certainly be the easiest way to do this.

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    I know MySQL would be the esiest but I downloaded the Xampp thing and that version of Proftpd doesnt have MySQL authentication, and I havent been able to delete it and add a new version, I realy want to install pureftpd but I can get rid of proftpd. If you can help me get rid of pureftpd I'll probaly beable to figure it out.

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    If you post a sample configuration for a user then I could write you a little bit of code to do it.
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    Where would I get this?

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