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    Wanted: Mod_Rewrite and Search Engine made


    I need someone that can make a mod_rewrite for so the filename is something like "software-title-here-v3.php." Ofcourse I want something like this for SE purposes. I need it now, especially with my new design coming up soon. I don't think there is any other info needed to give me a quote? If so, just ask!

    About the search engine. I need someone to code me a search engine that will search just certain things. There will have to be a spider, not really that much of an algo because for my case, there's just 1 thing that either makes or breaks your placement with the search engine I'm wanting to launch. I won't disclose any further info on this project (in order to keep the idea fresh) so just give me rough estimates for this. It shouldn't be too hard if you've coded a search engine before as this is a really simple, yet effective, search engine.


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    Only need someone for the mod_rewrite now.


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