What am I looking for:

*Companies that are profitable and established that are willing to sell completely or part of the company to an experienced hosting veteran.

*Companies looking to get a little bit of money flow, that have a smart business plan that will guarantee success. Risk is directly correlated with return, so ideally I would like a medium risk with a decent return.

*Got a great idea that can be profitable, but don't have the money to put the plan into action? Maybe I can help. I would consider both buying the idea off you or working with you to get profit out of your ideas.

I have a few thousand I am willing to spend or invest, but depending on what you were looking for, I might consider going up a little (or going with a couple lower investors).

Email me at [email protected] with any ideas that might interest me. PMs are okay too. If I like what your offering, we'll move on from there.