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    Lightbulb Highquality web design/development for you or your company.

    We are a team of experts in design, technology and management who are passionate about the Web. We deliver highly integrated and multifunctional web solutions that help our customers and partners in their business. Our values are teamwork, professional approach, innovation and continuous learning. Our philosophy is to excel in what we are doing for our clients. Our keys to success are long-term co-operation with our clients and partnership of our key staff.

    Revelium is full-service web solutions company. We deliver outstanding creative and technological solutions that help our clients in their business. We are passionate about the Internet; we believe that beneath the hype it actually is the new turn of harmonization of communications between the people.

    Revelium specializes in Internet technologies and has skills and experience in programming for both Unix and Windows platforms (especially: PHP, PERL, ASP, ColdFusion, Delphi, C++, MySQL, MS SQL, PostGres).

    We are still working on our site, but you can find our portfolio at Collected portfolio. Year 2005

    For more information, please contact us: Electronic mail

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    very nice, i remember matt showed me your folio.

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    You have some nice designs!

    My friend has used your services and he says you make excellent designs. ^^ Recommended for anyone who needs nice websites developed for their online indentity!
    I have servers at: NetDepot/GNAX (A), SoftLayer (A), LiquidWeb (B+), DedicatedNow (B+), Nectartech (B) and more!

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