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    Looking for a good hosting...

    I am a PHP developer, planning to open a website where I will sell various software... What I need is a trusted hosting with the following features:

    cPanel with online file manager
    1 or more MySQL databases

    Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks.

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    People can't make offers to you so your best bet is to look around testimonials that are on this site, check the shared/resellers offers section, look at users signatures and then once you have a list of some providers who have what you need do a search here on WHT to see what other feedback you can find. Also send some presales emails and check response times.

    Another option is to use the hostquote or this site however it appears to be headed downhill.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    The reasoning behind the downhill trend with Hostquote is they're phasing it out.

    Last I checked it's now

    That said:

    Dark Visor,

    Don't throw your money at just anyone.
    Research each host you're considering thoroughly, search these forums for them.

    Always keep backups of your content and I'd recommend keeping your domain seperate from your hosting (registration through for example).

    You'll do fine as long as you do the research - but if you don't you'll be back here shortly.
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