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    Domain reseller recommendation needed (modernbill)

    I am looking for recommendations on setting up a domain service for my site. I need the domains to be affordable, and must be able to be integrated into modernbill. I have looked into using enom, but are there any companies that offer domains cheaper than $8.95 without making a deposit?

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    Although enom requires a deposit, ModernBill offers a FREE $7.95 enom reseller account. Might be that way to go. I havent heard of many other reseller programs w/o a deposit.
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    There are no domain reseller programs that do not require initial deposits unless you are using a brandable solution where you just need to change the logo to get your own domain reselling website. If you are looking for cheap domain reselling I would recommend using reseller program. Also better research for Directi module support on MB forums as last I read they were planning to release full Directi support in their next big update. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    I would suggest using directi.. There is no minimum deposit, and the pricing is better per domain, atleast that is what I think, I haven't checked for quite some time
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