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    Transfer Of Domains Names

    Hi All!

    The company I work needs/wants to change it's hosting providers from a IIS server, to an Apache Server. One thing I am not sure of though, the company currently has many email accounts tied into this domain name. Would a transfer of the domain also mean down time for their email?

    Also, does anyone know good webhosting companies that are:
    Running php 4, and Apache, Offer a controal panel software, and phpMyAdmin?

    Thank you in advance!

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    You shouldn't have any downtime if you do the transfer correctly.
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    With proper configuration on the "destination" host (the one they're migrating to) (e-mails all properly setup and ready to roll upon DNS migration) there should be absolutely no lapse in service.

    That said there are lots of great hosts here on wht - research any that you're considering VERY thoroughly.

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