Hi guys,

i'm brand new to this place but I really hope someone can help me out with this.

I have dedicated server with root access. I have a forum that is running vbulletin 3.0.7 and the latest version of php. I am actually having a problem with the forum. I have contacted vbulletin about this but they can't seem to help me as well. Here is my problem.

Using the forum software, it allows users to uplaod and download attachments. I have setup my php.ini to allow larger files. And when uploading files to the forum it works just find. Its the downloading that seems to be the problem. I have it setup so you can upload up to 50 meg files. Lets say someone uploaded a 40 meg videoclip. And the upload went fine, but the downloading is the problem. Seem like all files stop @ 16.3 megs each and every time. Vbulletin says this may be my php setup. Does anyone know what could fix this problem in my php setup? Remember the uploading of large files work great but just when downloading large files, they always stop at 16.3 megs.

Please help!

Thanks a million in advance...