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    Check out and comment on Interact Hosting Service //

    Please check out this web host...

    A disign makeover is going on.. the current layout is for about 15 days.. i will have my designer.. get the site ready by then.. but what do you think about other aspects of the site?

    Anything.. from plan prices to plan management is accepted.. please help me with a decent reply!

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    Is the active design an old one?

    If you're looking for suggestions for a new design, I think the layout of the current one is pretty good (though the "3 Easy Steps" are hard to find ); you should keep a lot of those elements.

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    well... the current one is the old one... you see.. the current design was made by be... and i am not a designer... i am just a webmaster... but tried to short things out! Thanks dude!

    I have already paid half the amount to my designer so the new design will be there.. but i will release the new design on test folder for a week or so before everybody likes it.

    Thanks David... and what do you think about the plans and prices? are they ok?
    Citizen Journalism Nepal | | For nepal news and more.

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