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    Would someone mind doing something for me please?

    I do not have the software or the knowhow to make rounded corners and I was wondering is someone could do it for me. I would like to make the corners of my website rounded. So I think I need 2 whites, left and right top and 2 #fb0 left and right bottom.

    My site is at

    Thank you in advance.


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    One more thing to check out, your left navigation menu is not positioned properly in Firefox.

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    well thank you, but i don't know how to fix that. can you tell me how you would even check it. i'm not too familiar with firefox


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    Download FireFox and peek at it, then play with it until it's fixed. Normally if it doesn't work in FireFox, you also have the same problem in Apple's Safari from what I've seen.

    I'd take a very close look at your tables; I've noticed IE and FireFox read table information completely differently; which has caused some major headaches on our end as well.
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    Originally posted by spiderfine
    well thank you, but i don't know how to fix that. can you tell me how you would even check it. i'm not too familiar with firefox

    If you're designing websites, you should be. The problem is that you have an 11.5em left margin for your nav li items.
    IE and Opera won't push them over, but Mozilla and Firefox will. And looking at it in Opera, and IE, I see it really doesn't do anything, so why not just remove that?

    (Actually I looked at it again, and see that it's for "second level" lists, I don't think that that is appropriate CSS, I think that Firefox reads it as any li or ul. Maybe just make a class, like scnd, and make your second level uls that class. Same for third level lists.)
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    ok thank you. you know i started out first with frontpage and soon found out that fp made awful websites, so then i learned html, then css and now a little javascript and php - well more like copy and paste stuff . and now when i think i'm getting somewhere, boom!...i find out from wht that i've got such a long way to go. but you know, i really need you guys to guide me the right way. thanx!

    ok i'm downloading firefox right now and will check it out.

    oh and yes i used to have second level lists, but had to get rid of them becuase it overlapped my text.

    uh...can someone help with the rounded corners?

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    yikes i see what you mean about my site in firefox. wow, this is pretty interesting. thank you. ok now i've gotta fix it.

    uh...rounded corners? anyone? anyone?


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