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    Need quality advertising for my web host. Can pay upto $150 per month (or more)

    I am all sick of junk and unrelated traffic that just visit my site and leave on the first page... only eating up my system resource.

    I am looking for a more targeted and related traffic. I have a web hosting company and I expect traffic from websites that are related to mine... and the visitors interested to obtain a hosting service. I need the visitor to be interested in website... and some of them also buying.

    If you think you receive such visitors... send them to me by banners and text links. Can pay up to $50 per company per month for and may.. extend the budget to $150 per company per months if traffic is found to be good and buying!

    Price is not very important if the traffic is good and buying... but I expect a trail period or traffic... for a short time and low rate before i pay you the whole amount.

    Impressions statistics needed.
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    Check this out,, our microbutton campaign has a high ROI, you'll receive hundreds of hits during the month, but we have no trial period.

    let me know if you interested, 2 slots are available now. - help [at] buyhttp [dot] com
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    I can give you target advertising on All of the visitors on GoldFiles are technologically geared, and interested in internet related business.

    I am asking $30 a month for a text AD at the top of everypage on the site. If you would rather advertise with a banner, I have spaces for all sizes of banners, just let me know if you prefer banner ADs. (prices would vary)

    Here are some AWstats from this month:

    I can give you a trial month for $20 on the text AD.

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    Benjamin Schrum
    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    Greetings there,

    I believe we have everything you need for quailty traffic for a hosting company, because the traffic we receive is highly targetted to the webmaster industry.



    #1 468x60 Header Banner (20% Discount) = $36
    #2 468x60 Footer Banner (20% Discount) = $24
    #3 125x60 Affiliates Banner (20% Discount) = $16
    #4 468x60 Header and 468x60 Footer Banner (20% Discount) = $52

    Why Advertise with us?
    • A Fast Growing Community
    • Rapid Expansion and Development of Site to Promote Repetitive Member Visits
    • Partnerships with larger websites ensure that there is always room for to grow
    • Average of 10, 000 hits a day!
    • State of the Art campaign statistics software so you can keep an eye out on what is happening

    If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

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    I have a web host directory, but the traffic isn't high, are you interested?
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    $9.99 per month sitewide links available. These websites are visited by Search Engine Bots almost daily. All these websites are indexed in Google, MSN and Yahoo.

    I have 3 full time (in house) people working on the Link Building of my websites, and therefore I expect the PR's to increase for sure everytime or atleast remain stable. You can cancel anytime, but I would prefer long term advertisers.

    2 Spots Available on - PR3 Mortgage Related ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    4 Spots Available on - PR4 Shopping Related ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    2 Spots Available on - PR3 Credit Related ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    4 Spots Available on - PR4 Real Estate Related ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    3 Spots Available on - PR3 Cigarettes Related ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    3 Spots Available on - PR4 Games Related ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    3 Spots Available on - PR4 Antique Shopping Related - ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    4 Spots Available on - PR4 Food Related - ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    3 Spots Available on - PR4 Lingerie Related ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    5 Spots Available on - PR4 Directory of Directories ($9.99 a month)
    PM for Stats & Buy Now Details

    LIMITED AVAILABILITY. PM NOW. Just Post Sold with Quantity and Site Name. EG: "SOLD 1 SPOT on PR4 Food Related - Monthly"
    or "SOLD 1 SPOT on PR4 Food Related - 6months"
    or "SOLD 1 SPOT on PR4 Food Related - Annual"

    Best to PM me. The first ones to respond take the spots.

    Payment via Paypal Subscriptions. No RX and Gambling Please. Pretty Standard..huh

    Payment Options for all above links:

    $9.99 per month
    $49.99 every 6 months.
    $89.99 per year

    When you PM me, tell me which sites you want links on, and how many spots. I would also prefer if you can send the Link Text and URL right away as well, but not a requirement.

    P.S. > I also have the ability to provide multiple anchors/multiple URL's for your link spot, but setting up multiple anchors with multiple URL's takes some extra time and effort then just adding a fixed link. I understand that a lot of advertisers might be interested in that option. For those who are interested, the price of the link spot remains the same, but there is a one time fee of $25 that you will be invoiced for, separately to setup upto 10 Anchors for your website, and upto 3 URL's. Those who have bought links from me the the past, can also upgrade to multiple anchors, by just paying a one time setup fee of $25. Just PM me if interested.

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    Well i think this could suit your needs:
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    We are selling ads space on

    Price: $50/month
    Banner in rotation: 0
    Max Banners: 10
    Postion: top of every page
    Size: 468x60

    We moved to this new site on July 12, 2005
    Today is July 17, 2005 2:48 AM
    Our old site was which had a very high traffic everyday


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