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    Need a reseller, servers in holland

    Hello guys i need a cpanel reseller account, The servers must be located in Holland.

    Need 1gb space, 20gb bw, my budget is $20/month.

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    Your budget seems pretty good. I did a search and didn't come up with much, reason likely is that most companies dealing with servers in Holland are going to be dutch speaking and being that this is an english only forum they likely won't visit here often. I also did a search on google and there are lots of results, but none in english so if you can speak dutch then that is another option.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    I would suggest checking out a German host... But if they must be located in holland, just keep searching, google is your friend!

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    And besides Google I am your Dutch friend, if needed PM or email me, will try to help out

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    I actually just saw one the other day. I will look for the link now.

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