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    Outsourcing Mail

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for the right company to whom I can outsource my client's POP3 email. I run my own DNS and SMTP server, but I don't want the overhead of doing inbound/POP3 as well.

    I need to find a mail host who can let me create/delete mail accounts through an XML API and who will let me set my client's MX records to the outsourced provider. I only need POP3 access - webmail/IMAP is just a bonus.

    Any suggestions? If you're from a company that provides such a service and don't want to spam the forum feel free to email me personally: ben.myles at gmail dot com.


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    Have you looked into fuse mail or a company like that?

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    I have been looking at FuseMail, and they're currently at the top of my list. I wanted to see what else is around though, and whether anyone has any personal experiences that lead them to suggest one company over another.


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    Anyone ever try Not sure if they support XML for their api, but an api does exists so I'm told.


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