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    Question How to use dynamic dns on registerfly


    I'm very new to this.

    How do you use dynamic DNS on registerfly?

    Furthermore, I got the DNS client from and was unable to register it as nameservers for my domain name.

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    Here is a link from their knowledgebase
    Domain Maven

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    I tried it, but what I do not understand t how registerfly is going to know that my server's ip is going to change. It seems too easy to setup the dynamic dns.

    Furthermore, if my dns settings point to a server name, my advanced dns settings point to a totally different ip, and my dynamic dns points to another totally different ip... which will prevail?

    Does registerfly only take into account the most recent changes I have made?


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    You need to use a dynamic DNS client. They have a url that your dynamic client would post to when the ip changes

    No, RegisterFly does not provide a client however we have included links to a number of good software clients you can use.

    FlyIP Client


    Java Dynamic DNS Client
    IPCheck for OS/2

    Please note we are not associated with any of these products. We do not provide service on any of these applications. Please use at your own risk. Some of these listed applications are still under testing.
    Domain Maven

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