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    [JS] Text slider

    Iam looking for a textslider for javascript but i guess iam targetting the wrong keywords in Google.

    What iam looking for is a script (js) that can vertically scroll textlines, basically the same thing as a regular scrollbar would do. But i want a bit of a custom scrollbar and just in for example one table cell (no div scroller).

    A bit hard to explain for me, so an example below:

    When the uppertriangle get's clicked (or perhaps moused over) the text scrolls down a bit and stops when there is no more text to scroll or when the visitor stopped his click or mouse-over.
    Same thing for the bottom one but then the other way around.

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    Thank you,

    This comes close:

    But iam looking for a less advanced one. Only one of those > and one speed will do.

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