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    Questions for people who have hosted w/ Pair

    Hi Folks,

    I've narrowed down my search and (almost) settled on Pair, since the other options I was considering each have drawbacks that will cause difficulty for the site we want to host there. I was hoping people who have hosted w/ Pair could comment on some specific questions I have about your experiences with their shared hosting:

    1) Have they ever imposed restrictions on what PHP scripts you can run? (e.g. we want to add a WordPress blog to the site -- but it's only a small part of the site, and we won't be eating resources by putting the whole site in a CMS or running a forum or anything)

    2) Is the PHP configuration in any way unusual? (i.e. will we have trouble running most pre-packaged PHP scripts?)

    3) Is there anything else we should be aware of that is unusual about Pair's hosting, or that has caused you difficulties, or that we might want to investigate?

    Thanks for your help!


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    no direct experience, but saw this today

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    And if you had read the entire other thread you would notice that avocado posted there long ago!

    Nonetheless we await a pair client to arrive.
    Good luck in your search avocado.
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