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    Anyone ever use Quick question.

    Good morning all,

    I have a client which uses my company for IT support / development. They currently had a website created by a marketing company and it is now hosted on

    However, they recently had their site taken down saying
    "This Account Has Been Suspended" without notification.

    Supposedly they have paid in full for "X" amount of years. I advised them to contact billing dept. as well as the marketing firm they hired to inquire.

    My question is, has anyone used before? Was it reliable? Is this current situation a fluke?

    Reason why I am asking is I would reccomend them to move to a different hosting company or allow me to host / maintain it if there have been other similar experiences.

    Have a good one!
    - Chris

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    OK, I am a little more concerned now for my client.

    There is NO phone contact information in whois.

    The mailing address is a PO Box. is also the domain contact / manager, and not my client. (IE I believe they own the domain).

    Only support is email ticket system. This is fine for personal hosting, but this is for a mid-cap biz so I find it unacceptable.

    No notification to client of account status, just shut it down.

    It appears only one person troubleshoots network tickets and forums.

    Basically I am asking ya'll this question so I can ethically offer another one of our services to a client. I believe in this case it is more then acceptable. Correct?

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    If they don't respond shortly I would leave as quickly as possible.
    Nothing wrong with a one-man show if the pricing is right, but it could be that anything has happened with the account:

    the default cPanel suspension page mentions billing - but it could be related to:

    account hacked, they suspended it
    bandwidth overage, they suspended it

    The account is suspended - but still loads so at least there is hope.
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