My name is Jerome Gravel-Niquet and I am a young yet very experienced web developer. I am fluent in French, English and I have followed a year of Spanish courses.

Recently, I have done something similar to a minor; I wanted to live a real experience of studying by myself on XHTML and CSS. What I did is a research, I wrote my thoughts and things Iíve learned in a scrapbook for a total of 100 pages of notes. I created a bilingual tutorial website for XHTML and CSS, this was the goal of the project. Over 100 hours of work to become an absolute specialist in these programming languages; http://tuts.info/ is the resulting website.

My knowledge and skills are quite extended. I can say I have expert skills in Photoshop, XHTML and CSS. I can also say I have great skills in PHP and Integrating Javascript. I have 5 years of intensive experience in Photoshop, XHTML and CSS. My websites are always valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS, I also recently made my websites Triple-A for the conformance (highest possible level of compatibility and accessibility.)

Hereís my current portfolio website (not yet ready, only the contact form was done and thatís it.): http://jeromegn.com/2/

My work: (some are not right because Iíve had problems with my hard drive at some point. I fixed this problem.)

http://jeromegn.com/tabarnak/ (Grudge style website I just made yesterday all in CSS with a special never seen before preloading images with rollover in an unordered list in CSS.)
http://jeromegn.com/ (Never finished doing it because I changed my mind.)
http://jeromegn.com/pf/amnet/ (One of the first template I ever did, simple and coded in HTML with tables (I was not good yet with CSS))
http://jeromegn.com/pf/fuse/ (A very nice template sold for about $200, hereís the result: http://fusehost.com/)
http://jeromegn.com/pf/ihosting/ (One of my first contract, about $1000 worth, the guy who made me do it flew away.)
http://jeromegn.com/pf/nexion1/ (A little contract of a nice simple design using tables again)
http://jeromegn.com/pf/nexion2/ (Same client, I had too much trust in him, he flew without paying, but he never got the template. (This one is awfully ugly, but is all in CSS))
http://jeromegn.com/pf/sync1/ (My hosting companyís first real design, used to be perfect, but thatís what I could recover)
http://jeromegn.com/pf/symbgest/logo.gif (A logo for my brotherís company.)
http://rpggazette.com/ (This is pure genius; the template is coded in full CSS by me. However, I think the client modified it and made it not good looking in certain browsers)
http://tuts.info/ (My huge project about CSS layouts.)

This was all my work I could recover, as you can see, it ranges from ugly to beautiful, Iím showing everything here. Iíve never been asked to make an unusually graphically intense website.

Most importantly, I like my job; itís a passion for me. I also like people and like to make my social work environment a little fun and also very interesting by giving me goals and trying new stuff (being innovative).

I'm looking for either a hourly paid job or per-contract paid job. This summer I will be available 40 hours a week and more if it is required.

Contact me:
Email: jeromegn[@]gmail.com (remove the [])
MSN: trublion[@]sympatico.ca (remove the [])

Kind Regards,
Jerome Gravel-Niquet