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    HELP! unmetered server wanted

    Hey guys, i'm in need of an unmetered server

    FDC servers looks great, but i DON'T want to pay $159.(for a mid level one)

    i'm looking for maybe a reseller of them for much cheaper, or something else recommended that's very affordable.

    i know $159 is already a great deal for unmetered, but i'm hoping some of you have found a better deal on the web!

    Thanks in advance for your expertise!

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    I seriously doubt that you'll get an unmetered server cheaper than that. Also please be aware that FDC doesn't allow sustained use of the 10mbps port.

    A "real" 10mbps dedicated bandwidth server will cost you a lot more.
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    Wow, you want "unmetered" cheaper than FDC? What exactly are you looking for, bandwidth-wise? If you really need 10 mbit/sec, you won;t get it from FDC, and if you don't need 10 mbit/sec then one of the 1000GB or so dedicated server deals should work well for you.

    This is the type of thing people begin expecting when hosts sell unmtered lines that aren't really unmetered...
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