My name is Charles and I want to offer my services to anyone who is starting a webhosting company, but needs a little extra help.

Maybe you dont have time to research hosting plans, 800 numbers, payment processors, etc... For a small fee, I will take the headache out of it!

I can even get contractors to compete for your business, so that you get very competitive pricing!

If you have a unique or special request, maybe a newer technoloy you want researched, just ask!

I can easily do any research and find you the great pricing on a number of Hosting related products.

My Experience Includes:

*Hosting Plans
*Dedicated Servers
*Shared Servers
*Domain Names
*Payment Processors
*800 Numbers
*Multiple Operating Systems
*And More......

I have 4 years experience in the Hosting Industry and work with an IT Solutions firm out of Charlotte, NC.

AIM me at: usanetman
Email me: [email protected]