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    * In Chile and getting slow transfers from ResellerZoom

    Hi. I recently purchased a reseller account on Resellerzoom they are great, their support is awesome and they usually reply within 10 minutes. They are all very friendly and knowledgable BUT the problem that I am facing is with the transfer speeds. I uploaded a speed test file to one of my sites and I am not getting more than 50 KB /s when I can usually get up to 110 KB /s .. I tried downloading from microsoft and I got 115 KB/s max, I cancelled and downloaded from my site again I got 40 KB /s....

    I know for users in the US resellerzoom might be like a super fast alternative but not me in Chile.. I have tried downloading a speed test file from and I got 110KB /s so I realized it's not a problem with where the severs are.I know zoneserv's servers are in New Jersey.. so I am very confused now.

    Any ideas or comments on this from anyone?

    I a wondering if I upgrade to Hosting Zoom maybe I would get faster transfers?

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    do you can store any files ( +/- 5mb ) inside your account and send link for test ???

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    It could be there network just isn't that great getting to you in Chile.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Mabye you should get a new webhost to host your reseller account. Or mabye contact them and ask whats going on.

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    It is possible the network ResellerZoom uses has slow connection in your area, try asking them to be moved to a different server in a different DC or connected to a different switch so you will be able to get greater speeds.
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