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    Various questions.

    Well I know you guy's get these questions all the time, but I searched and really wasn't sure what to think.

    Well I'm 16 and I really want to start a hosting company for some time. So I saved up 5k and i'm looking at server's to rent. I was looking at server matrix's unmetered ones. The one i'm looking at is Server Matrix's one with Dual Xeons, and unmetered 20 Mbps bandwidth. For $439-59 a month

    So my question is Unmetered 20 Mbps Bandwidth is only around 6000 Gb right?

    Also if this isn't that great of a deal is there a way I can get somthing better for the same price. (around $470 a month).

    Thanks, and if anyone has any advice about starting a hosting company let me know.

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    Well if you are just starting in the webhosting business I would advice you to go for a cheaper server, stop looking for unmetered deals (unless you plan to do a lot of streaming or distribute mp3/warez/movies).

    You can get a nice server for ~100.00 to start with and you can add more servers as you grow, adding reliability to your own network.
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    I'd have to agree with SEATi, you more than likely are not going to use anywhere near 20 Mb/s to start off with. I personally would suggest getting a smaller server with a provider that will allow you to upgrade as necessary, either bandwidth or hardware wise....
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    My advice is to start with a server around 100-150/month if you have customers already. Otherwise,choose a reseller plan or VPS (Virtual Private server) from a trusted company.

    Starting a hosting business these days is not an easy task. Make sure you have the ability to do marketing and support,those are very important factors to succeed.

    Make a good foundation and then take it step by step.

    Good luck, - High Quality and affordable Web Hosting Solutions.
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    I would believe that the first motion at hand would not really be to get the fastest and badest server and hope that it would attract customers like flies but what you need to do is to make yourself known.

    As with any business, you will need to invest heavily in anything which would get your name out. If no one knows about your business, it is as good as not being there in the first place.

    I would think the first hand of business would be to probably invest something like 80% of your expenses in advertising and 20% in the actual server itself and once your business grows, you could shift the level once you have critical mass.

    A reseller account would be a good idea especially in the beginning when you do not have any customers, this will allow you to minimize your expenses and thus risks. Once you get customers coming in, you could move to a dedicated server and then more. Make sure that each stage, the money you collect from your customers outweighs that of your costs so that you know that you would survive for the long term.

    Good luck.

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    The thinking of buying a really good server and the clients will come flocking never really works.

    Most important is to sort out a viable business plan and to be able to get you first server to at least pay for itself, this is a lot more achievable with a medium spec server.

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    You need to find something that will set you apart from the competition... that's the thing you can advertise with. Forget about doing ultra cheap hosting because not only will it be hard to sustain, but there are also tons of other hosts doing the same.

    Like others said.. start with a small server like a celeron and see if you can get people to start using it. If it turns out to be a success, there's no prob with upgrading and if it's not as successful as you'd hoped, there's no big loss.

    Don't forget that you also need to be doing administration and service, so that means a full-time commitment on your end in order for your clients to stay. Also be prepared to deal with unpleasant clients who want top value for little to no money. You also need to be reachable on the phone if you want to be taken seriously.

    I'm guessing you like to fiddle with computers, so another thing you can considering doing is offering administration services... if you're good at it, you can earn more than you can with hosting.
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