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    [REQUIRED] Friendly System Admin & IT Consultant

    A small internet marketing company based in Australia is seeking a friendly, reliable, and experienced Linux System Admin and IT Consultant to join our company.

    We are working on building a new Meta search engine, and need your help. No, we do not want to become the next or; we just want to serve the web and our fellow internet users a bit differently.

    You will be taking care of our business from technical perspective (managing our server/s/, providing advice, working in co-operation with our programmers and designers¡Ketc). There isn¡¦t much work to be done at the moment, however as our site develops so will your work volume.

    We are looking at paying up to about US $80 a month, for a few hours (1-10) of work every month. As your work volume increases so will your working hours, and your hourly pay.

    To apply, or for more info please email us at pssfd[at]
    Please make sure that along with your relevant work experience and skills, you provide us with the following information:
    -your name
    -your age
    -your location


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    Email sent.


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    I sent you offer by email.

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    Nice for me

    I sent u an email with details. Thanks

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    If you're looking for a Linux admin, we can help. We are a company and not individual admins for hire, but we would provide the same things you requested. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Many thanks to all who emailed. I will start getting back to you. Thanks again.

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