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    [Wanted] Design Coders and Script/Design Integrator

    I see many .psd designs offered at WHT and other major forums that I like to buy but it's not coded. Need to find 2-3+ designers/coders who can code the psd files to .php/.html.

    Also, looking for people who can integrate design with 3rd party scripts/custom scripts.

    As a test project, I'm looking for a person who can code this design and integrate it with PHP-Proxy Script

    Very easy project as most of the page consist of banner ads and the script content itself. Mainly need to code the header/footer.

    An example of PHP Proxy site in action

    Please PM me with your contact information and personal portfolio!!!!

    Email: [email protected]
    MSN Messenger: [email protected]
    Yahoo IM: [email protected]

    Again, looking for not one but few designers/coders/programmers so please PM me now.

    Thanks, Mike

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    Please sign on MSN, so we can discuss about it

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    I might be the man you're looking, I've also added you to MSN - I'll look out for you.

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