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Thread: a phpnuke theme

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    a phpnuke theme

    Where can i get a phpnuke hosting theme or what i need to do to create one my self?

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    I would say get a theme and mod it. I use Nukemods as my source for themes and links to sites with themes. I have icgstation on my site, but I have mod it extensively so that it's not that easy to spot the original look.

    This is the advice I could give. Try to give your theme a unique look and feel. Perhaps go with something metallic ... and try to chose a theme that's not that big. I wouldn't use one with animations and too many "bells and whistles" since it would load in a million years.

    Hope I helped.

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    ty very much

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    I recently set up phpnuke & although it does come with quite a few preloaded themes, I simply searched for phpnuke themes, skins, etc & found many free themes that suite all tastes.

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    There are many many of them. Just look and you'll stick to one and then mod it beyond recognition
    For this matter I happen to love Nuke so much. And phpBB

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    yea, it is very easy to put a theme on both phpBB and phpNUKE but keep in mind with those free scripts, there are always bugs so security is not the best. I had a very large Nuke site that was taken over by someone who got in, there was nothing I could do. Same with my phpBB, both happened by different people and at different times. Other than that phpNuke is great.
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