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    How long does it take for a site to show up on google?

    Submitted a site 2 months ago and it still hasn't showed up, is this normal?

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    Yes, it is quite normal. It all depends on how long they take to spider your site and give it something like 6 to 8 months, at least that was my experience.

    Make sure that your site is heavily linked from other sites or else you will show up at the every bottom of the list.

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    I don't think it is normal, your site should be crawled within 30 days after you submit it.

    Ways to get listed faster are:

    1- Links from other websites already indexed
    2- Add an Adsense ad on your website for a few days
    3- Submit your site to
    4- Submit your site to many.. many.. other search engine.
    5- Put link to your site in forums on the same topic Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    My new domain has showed up in 3-4 days because of the backlinks I assume. And yes, the adsense ads too

    The same site on a subdomain (6 months ago) took 3 weeks to show up.

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    There isn't a set formula. Some of my sites were indexed in days while other sites took months.
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    There is also something else you'll want to keep in mind.

    Google has what's called a 'sandbox' where new websites 'sit' for anywhere from a month to a year before being included in the Google search results. The reason for this is to ensure that the site is not a fly-by-night scam or something...the downside is that it makes for a large number of unhappy webmasters.

    For instance, I've had clients who launch a new website and get very excited because within the first two weeks or so it ends up on one of the first few pages (sometimes even number one) of Google's search results. However, they're pretty disappointed a month or so later when their site is bumped to the sandbox.

    The best steps to take are the following:
    1. Operate a legitimate site
    2. Try to obtain a large number of incoming (from related sites - this is very important) AND outgoing links
    3. Don't use frames, unless you absolutely have to
    4. If you use an image map for your site's links, make sure you put text links in another spot on every page so that Google - and other search engines - can crawl your whole site and not just the homepage.
    5. Use keywords in your website's text, but don't overdo it - keywords that are the same color as the page's background can be seen by search engines and will get you kicked out of their results page.
    6. Use ALT tags for all of your images.
    7. Make sure your pages are static (i.e. HTML) and not dynamic (i.e. CGI, PHP, or the like) if possible.
    8. Don't use any symbols in your URL, and if you haven't setup your site yet, try to choose a domain name that includes important keywords - for instance, one of my hosting brands' domain names is

    Of course, there are many more I could go into, but I don't have much time. The best thing to do is read up on it as much as you can.

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    w w

    (sorry guys, I can't post links yet!)

    That may also help - it's very indepth but a good read nonetheless!

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    my site went on to google the 1st week I submitted it and my other site went on after 3 weeks. I guess it just takes time.

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    what's the difference between a PR 0 and a PR N/A?
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    It happened to one of my domains, for some reason google ignored my site for more than 6 months and simply refused to crawl. Submitting backlinks to various places didn't help either.

    The only solution that worked at that time was to submit the site to Google using a search engine submitter software (not by web submitter services like Cpanel). Site was later indexed within 15-30 days and was crawled and available on google like any other website. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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