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    Should I ship to Croatia?


    I received an order from Croatia.

    Its for a cheap product less than U$30

    how is croatia in terms of being famous for fraud like countries such as nigeria, russia, romania, indonesia??

    Is it a risk country also?


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    So far I have never heard of any bad things about Croatia,
    but you never know. But I will not ship to Nigeria.

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    If the person is from Croatia it doesnt mean his order is fraudlent, if he has paid with his credit card issued in Croatia, then he is defiantely a normal buyer.

    I didnt like you saying some stuff about Russia, you really shouldnt ...

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    Re: Should I ship to Croatia?

    i saw this post and just couldn't hold my self from registering and replying..

    i'm from croatia and I can assure you that is perfectly safe to ship here.
    if your merchent cleared the credit card you don't have to worry.

    as for shipping cost, that's another story. but that will be probably handled by the customer. i assume it would cost him double the price for shipping and taxes...
    but that's his problem, right

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    I am from Croatia and belive me when I tell you... Croatia RULEZ, and you dont have to worry anything...
    You will not get robbed.....

    Regards, Alen Miscak

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    Less than $30 - I doubt you really have too much to worry about honestly. Now, if it was $300 or $3,000 - that might raise a few eyebrows.

    Did you verify some of the information, maybe look at the IP address, etc? Send the customer an email - make sure the IP address is issued to the same company as the original order. This sometimes will help in catching any fraudulent orders

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    Well, i have to say Russia is known for some of its fraud but you shouldn't just list the country's that you think are un-trustworthy.

    Never heard of a problem in Croatia before...

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    I already shipped the product is costed U$3 to ship as an international letter.

    lets hope it is not a fraud.

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    Fraud screening rarely necessitates banning an entire country before they order (or when they order). However, in the event that you get an order from a country which is "known" to have fraud or from which you have had problems it is your duty to pay extra attention. If you are manually reviewing all orders this is rarely an issue but if you have an automated system you may want to modify your fraud warning rules to give extra weight to certain countries -- again, not so you can simply cancel the orders but so you can take an extra look (does the ip match the country, are the addresses the same, what did they order, was their email address on a free service, how did they pay and what sort of shipping did they want).

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    I would call the buyer first and ask about order confirmation. Then I'd ship it. Don't like when people discriminate others by location or nationality.

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    I have been defrauded from the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada amongst other places. The place has nothing to do with fraud because it happens everywhere. However you should apply certain checks to all your orders to minimise your risk.


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    Well Romania is at least as famous. We have been kicked from ebay and paypal since some people did "nasty" things. That doesn't mean we are all frauds. And personally I'm a bit nervous when my own person is held to a low trust for others fault. So, I'd say to ship. Maybe ask for the money up front.

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    If the billing address is the USA and shipping is somewhere else, I'd be careful. If the billing address & shipping address are identical and the ip address matches the mailing address country/city.. You may also want to telephone them to verify.

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    Re: Should I ship to Croatia?

    Originally posted by joephill
    how is croatia in terms of being famous for fraud like countries such as nigeria, russia, romania, indonesia??

    Is it a risk country also?
    Don't even think to put Croatia in the basket with Nigeria, Russia, Romania and Indonesia...

    Those countries are blacklisted all over the web, because of numerous frauds, and Croatia isn't.

    It may be a small country, but, comparing them with other 'blacklisted' countries is not ok.

    I'm from Croatia, and I can say that you can ship your product to this country, if cc checked ok, and there is no other implication of fraud.

    Generally, your idea of blacklisting of country for which you probbably never heard of before is not business-wise.

    Frauds happen everywhere, it's not matter of a country itself, but its people and financial situation of people in those countries.

    Always try to validate user data, and if all checks come ok, then do the shipping.

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