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    need a centos 3.4 to 4 upgrade

    i tried upgrading centos 3.4... and when i got the new kernal in and ran yum update there were some dependency issues. trying to resolve those issues caused me to uninstall rpm and yum. i was able to get rpm reinstalled but not yum. so i need someone very centos savvy to fix the rpm and yum situation and finish the centos 4 upgrade. pm if you are interested, can do it, and include how much you can do it for (i can pay with paypal).

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    Ok, rack911 would be the way to go. They did my box and it worked out fantastically (even with the screwed over rpm database that i have). If they cant fix it no one can .

    Anyway, I'd highly reccomend rack911. Their method seems to be flawless compared to other system admin companies which just use "yum upgrade" without failproofing the system.


    (I wish you luck)

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    SolidLogix can take care of this for $25 and will include a detailed rpm version report should you require it.

    Thank you
    Rob Greenwood
    RedHat Certified, Unix Consultant

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