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    is there anyone use ?

    i need to hear from ppl use Ikobo money transfere

    is it good ?

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    I have been using Ikobo Money Transfer for more than a year and it works fine, but dont expect great services, prompt replies from them.

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    I used I-kobo. Received my I-kard what was very nice.
    I don't use it anymore because of the limits you have without identification and because many people prefers to pay me by paypal.

    The worst thing I can say about them is the time you have to wait until you can withdraw your money. Took me about 10 days when I used it. I believe if you identify yourself with documents the time till withdrawing is less too.
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    I think Ikobo usually hold your payment for even 90 days or so to protect them probably for the chargeback and occasionally holding your 25% of payment or so for forcing you to be in business with them.

    I've also heard that they're asking the customers to provide a lot of documentation for verification of their identity prior to sending payment.

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    I received my i-kard in time and its very easy to withdraw from your account, but they are not processing mastercard nowdays
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