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    Hi everyone,

    I'd appreciate it if you could give me some feedback
    on my new site.

    Let me know what you think and suggest regarding
    the logo, color scheme, background color and copy.

    Thanks for your time and input!

    David Allen

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    Lightbulb * The Breakdown

    Hi David,

    Here's the breakdown:


    * Typos in the first headline - "Quckly"
    * Use red instead of grey for highlighting(unless its your black and white theme and you want to stick with it.)
    * Underline "Instant Traffic"
    * Give a stat, a Number where it says "Boosts Your Profits" - It can be "Boosts Your Profits By 170%" or whatever your figure is.
    * The text in the bracket "Please check the information for accuracy) should be placed under the form. For one moment I was confused - (what information the one you gonna send ?!)


    * BG Pic can be of some other somehow doesn't work for digital download sites.

    * The header doesn't read the name properly and needs some work.

    Good things:

    * A lot of white space - very good, easy to read, clean, professional..really nice.

    All the best.


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    Hi Mickey,

    Thanks for your advice.

    You always get caught up when you're designing or doing something and tend to overlook things.

    It's always a good idea to get other people's feedback.

    Much appreciated!

    Actually, I completely changed my site concept. It's only been around two weeks since I registered the name.

    If you catch this message, check it out again.


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    Youre site is very nice but need optimization (the doorway page) for good place in engine searches. Title and keywords in meta tags thats not enough for it. The page need some contents with keywords. It wants text as a text instead text as an graphics. Graphics must be only a background.

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    For SEO is better to use text whenever you can. This is looking a bit like a template page (the splash page). And yeah, you've got some typos there too.

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