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Thread: Teacher Needed

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    Teacher Needed

    for along time i have taken interest in the web, now im starting to look at dedicated servers, but i no nothing about them. best i could do is buy one

    so what i am after is someone to teach me everything, payed job of course name your price, i would prefer learning through msn and through remote link, so you can also show me

    what i want to no is simple as muc as you can teach me from starting to basics and into more advance

    if you recuire more info ad me on msn adamwatson17[at]


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    Good afternoon,

    What type of OS you are trying to learn on? Our system administrators can assist you with the administration of your server and teach you during the process; however, it all depends on what OS you need the assistance on. You are welcome to email me at the email address below for more information.

    Thank you,

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    i have no idea, whats good for someone new to everything

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    Cool I quoted you a reasonable price let me know what you think
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    Good afternoon,

    I would be more than happy to look into what you are needing and see if we can be of assistance; however, it would have to be with a linux based system, as I find it much easier to teach you with. Please note that you will not learn it all in a month, year, or a number of years, as there a number of changes occuring on a daily basis. You are welcome to email me with a phone number where I can reach you or you can reach me at the phone number listed on our site. My recommendation is to begin configuring things on a need to configure basis and let the teacher configure and secure the server for you; however, you can learn on the process. Linux adminstration can be done via the command line or via a control panel; however, it will all depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Email me if you are interested in the assistance of our team; othewise, I hope you find the right person to assist you with what you are looking for.

    Thank you,

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