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    Post "Quality" community/membership script/software needed.

    I am hoping to find some information on a script or software that would serve our boting comminity website with the following requirement’s.

    Since the club has no physical building the idea of the website is to become a virtual clubhouse; full of information and interactive capabilities.

    Primary Objective:

    A "Members Only” area. Specific needs:

    Members Directory – ability to list detailed information about members
    - Ability to sort & update listings etc
    - Ability to insert member picture/boat picture

    · Newsletter – a newsletter framework where update/pictures can be loaded by any member
    · Reciprocals – a list of reciprocating yacht club
    - Ability to sort database
    · Ability to submit – ability of any member to report funny incidents
    - Require: date of incident, location, what happened, submitted by and photo’s
    · Tradesman – tradesmen we like
    - Require: Date, name of company/tradesman, reason why you like them, submitted by
    · Classifieds – listing of for sale items
    - Require: date, items, description, price, contact info, photo
    · Store integration – club clothing line which we hope to have in the near future

    I just cant seem to find any "Quality" software (IE the yahoo knockoff script sold on ebay) that fulfills these needs.
    I would really appreciaye any help in finding the solution, with the possiblity of paying someone to do, or to help impliment the solution.

    Thanks for reading this far! your help would be really appreciated

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    Well, im not sure, but mambo fills some of the needs, there is a mod for a forums area, there should be a mod for a store integration, im gure that there are mods for what you need...

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    Thanks Criminal,
    I actually installed mambo, and your right it's a great product, (and free too...go figure) unfortunatly it just isnt customizable enough for our needs, and their are modules we need that arnt available with mambo. (yet)

    Thanks for you reply, it really is appreciated!

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