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    Music CD Cue Sheet

    Hi, I know this is the "lounge" but I have a doubt that is not-hosting related.

    I have 1 big WAV file, Its a mix session I made and I used 14 songs. What I want to do is to burn the CD and divide it in different tracks, I have the times when the tracks come in, For example the first track starts obviously in 0:00, the 2nd track starts in the minute 4:57. How I can divide it in different tracks but at the same time be seamless, like.. non-stop.

    As i've been researched is using a cue sheet. Like the one in

    Some one know how I can do this??

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    If the file is very large, it might take a fairly long time to apply the cueue sheet.

    What you're gonna need to do is open up a program like nero, select to open the .cue sheet, wait for it to process, then burn it.

    Then after that, it should be split up. I've had some trouble with cue sheets not being processed correctly by nero, and having the whole mp3 be the first track, then the rest of the appropriate track numbers just being null data.

    I've also seen a program called "mp3 splitter and joiner" which can split files depending on data presented by the .cue sheet. I'm not sure how it will work out with .wav files though.

    good luck

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