Well, it finally happened! Avg-Joe.Com and the affiliate sites, Avg-Joe Web Hosting and Avg-Joe By Design are celebrating our fifth anniversary beginning June 19, 2005! During the next year, we'll be rolling out the party favors that bring the value back to you!

To start things off, we took all of our old hosting plans and gave them a serious upgrade! How big? Well, in terms of size alone, the smallest upgrade is four times that of the original!

Not only that, but with the increase in service we actually lowered our prices by as much as forty percent! Our hosting packages now start as low as five dollars a month. Plus you can save another fifteen percent by purchasing yearly instead of monthly!

All of this, combined with the introduction of the new Platinum Package means we carry some of the biggest savings on the internet today!

Lower prices, larger packages, all with the same great service our customers have come to expect from Avg-Joe Web Hosting. What more could you ask for?

And our critics said we only acted like we were five...

Avg-Joe Web Hosting