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    * PR6: Links&Banners Available On Popular Webmaster Only Site

    Below are options.
    For links its a 3 word, 20 character max.

    Type: Link
    Location: Left hand side through the entire domain.
    Available: 6
    Costs per link: $10
    Impressions: ~450/day
    Duration: 1 month.
    Description: A simple text link, 3 words max. Will run statically throught the domain. ALL links are PR6. Link will be placed inside the "Our Friends" table and inside member area. For $5 extra it can be replaced by a 88x31 button.

    Type: Banner 468x60
    Location: and member pages.
    Available: 4
    Costs per link: $15
    Impressions: ~500/day
    Duration: 1 month.
    Description: 468x60 banner ad. Will run with adsense and a max of 4 banners, including yours. Runs through the main site and all member pages, as in their guestbooks and such.

    Type: Email
    Location: Email messages
    Available: 1
    Costs per link: $20
    200-300 emails/month
    Duration: 1 month.
    Description: A link and short description on all email messages, including user sign-ups and from the recommendation script. Basically all emails sent from the site.

    -Payment through PayPal
    -Website ->
    -Visitors are only website and webmaster related users.
    -No adult or illegal content.
    -June Stats.

    Questions and paypal -> [email protected]

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    Mar 2004
    Sold all 6 text links.

    I will send payment to your paypal.

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    Links sold. Still have banner and a few buttons.

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