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    Custom Nameservers - Without using IP's ?

    Hi all,

    Ive got several resellers who wish to have their own custom Nameservers.

    Its not practical to give out 2ips per reseller, so ive been wondering....

    Would it be possible to make it forward on using DNS?
    So using an A name Record or a Cname?
    ns1 in A <MY NAMESERVER IP>
    ns1 in CNAME

    Would this work?
    Or is this a stupid idea completely?

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    Not it is not possible NS must have an A record with an iP.
    But yo may use nameservers so many as you want on the same IP.
    For example:

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    Not possible....

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    This is not a stupid idea, and it can be done, just like likonar posted
    Same IPs with different names.

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    Thanks likonar

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