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    H-Sphere showing negative balance when customer signs up

    We currently use PayPal as our payment method.

    We are a Business/Premier account.

    We are currently using H-Sphere Control Panel.

    We have one user sign up, our PayPal account shows the money.

    But in H-Sphere, it shows a negative balance equal to that of the price of the plan.

    Any advice? He can't setup e-mails or anyting as it says Failed to add new resource. Not enough money in his account or something.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried posting this at the Psoft forum, ? There's alot of very helpful people over there.
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    Have you credited the users account indicating that payment has been received?
    Read the Work Principles section.

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    As RedRocket so correctly pointed out - make sure you credit their account for the payment made - also - in the interim, you can raise their credit limit to allow them to add resources et (you can raise the credit limit for the plan and all customers within it, or you can raise the credit limit for a particular account)

    Within you HSphere CP - select search - then enter your search criteria (if any) and press submit at the bottom - your accounts that met the search criteria will be listed. Scrolling from left to right you will have various account options, including billing, credit limits, etc...

    Hope this helps..

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