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    Which one better? Level3 or GBLX?

    We are considering which one of the follow net providers to take over for our Europ clients.

    We would like to hear opinions of WHT members.

    Which one better? Level3,InterNap or GBLX?

    For europ?

    Would like to hear your opinions.
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    We use L3 into Europe with no issues. Cannot comment on the others..

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    GBLX are probably better for european users IMO. Internap aren't in the same field as they're an aggregation provider rather than direct transit, however I do find that Internap routes from the UK are rather nasty.

    Level3's routing is a bit shakey as it bounces around to strange places too...

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    We are a UK host with a BGP4 mix of GBLX, Level 3, Globix and C&W. GBLX is far and away our favourite upstream - very clean pipe, good throughput, strong geographic reach etc. Not had any outages or indeed any issues whatsoever in the last 12 months.

    Level 3 is not bad but we've seen a few issues now and again - 10min outages here, unacceptable latency for 15mins, that sort of thing. They're a big well respected network but we are moving away from them in favour of Sprint.

    GBLX are a pretty good company to work with too, excellent knowledgeable account manager who can get our tricky technical questions answered. Their pricing is generally competitive relative to other Tier-1s.
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