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    Google rumoured to launch service similar to Paypal

    Well rumours are flying that Google could be launching a new product to diversify its market, similar to that of Paypal. Diversifying its income so that there is not a heavy reliance on adwords but to create equal shares of income from new avenues.

    Has anybody heard anything about this?

    I managed to find a few articles on the issue and Google's PR department have issued a "No Comment" statement. It really could be interesting as I personally don't know a service to rival Paypals. Has this been an on going thing?

    Surely this is a good thing for all online retailers, Google has quite a good image and it will hopefully convince more people to shop online.

    It will be very interesting to see if anything comes from the rumours. What do you think?

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    Leo LaPort talked about it this morning. Since Google hasn't made an announcement we'll just have to wait and see.

    BTW mayb they are doing what the gov. tends to do--send up trial balloons to see the publics reaction.

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    I despise Google's efforts at world domination and essentially being the next Microsoft. However, more competition is healthy since PayPal's customer service is rotten as anything!

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    Yahoo & CitiBank entered this market a few years ago, but have failed. Hopefully Google will do better. We definately need some competition.
    A big advantage for google, besides its brand, are thousands and thousands of advertisers and publishers. GPay doesnt sound bad

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    Hopefully Google will offer this service, and will support all countries.

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    I doubt it'll called GPay because the domain is already taken.

    Not even because this is already registered 2 days ago.

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    yeah support all countries.
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    First time I heard about it, hope it's true!
    Google website and Gmail are very good services. A big concorrency to paypal would be very good
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    I'm looking forward to it

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