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    Ravio-Designed Template for Sale ($25)


    I'm offering a Ravio-designed template, designed for a project that was never launched. I've sold the rights to the template to two other people, neither of whom (to the best of my knowledge) is using it currently. The template is by no means ideal for all sorts of project, but it could be great for the right one.

    Without further ado: the template.

    I'm selling the template, sliced and coded, along with PDFs of all graphics and the fonts used. The rights are non-exclusive, but I don't believe this design is online right now, and it certainly won't go to more than one or two people.

    The asking price is $25 (negotiable, theoretically, for excellent PHP services ).

    Please PM me with any questions or to express interest. Payment is $25 through PayPal; files will be transferred upon receipt of payment.



    PS - I am not affiliated with Ravio and certainly don't condone (or practice) their business tactics. That said, it's a nice template!

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    Really nice design - I just have a few questions;

    Will this be sold to more than one person if you receive say 4 payments of $25?

    When you sais "along with PDFs of all graphics" did you mean PSD's?

    Thanks a lot.

    Steven Billings
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    Do you have a Ravio's permission to sell this work?

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    Hey Steven,

    First of all, I apologize -- I did indeed mean PSDs!

    Secondly, I'm not selling exclusive rights, so, in theory, multiple people can obtain the rights to use the template. That said, I don't expect more than one or two people (if that) to purchase the template. If you'd like to wait a little and see if there are any buyers, you're more than welcome to.


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    If you have questions regarding rights, ask them. Decide for yourself if the response you get is satisfactory. If you have evidence of foul play, bring it up with the help desk and action will be taken, but let's leave pure speculations out of advertising threads.
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    the_pm, thank you.

    Regarding marengo's post -- I do indeed own the rights to this template, and I'm more than happy to prove that in any way requested.

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