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    I have never thought I'll come to ask for an opinion regarding a domain name, but here I am. I have finaly purchased a domain name for my site Webmaster Tips & Tricks. Since I know a domain should be relevant and still short and easy to remember I have chosen

    What do you think?

  2. Great Name

    I like your domain name, should be a great place to visit when you have it fully developed

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    Can you also provide information about the traffic?

    The current value of the domain name should be mid $xxx at the moment at least.
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    Thank you for taking the time to apraise it for me

    The fact it's in the mid $XXX is a good thing or not? I'm totally new to this and for me even this is great since my monthly wage is 200 USD Anyway I'm not gonna sell it.

    But again, I would like to know what are the criteria for this pricing? Is there a place I could get more info about the domain names and how to value them? I thank you in advance for every info you can give

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    99% of appraisals are just what individuals *might* pay for it. Not the general community.

    Domain price modifiers are the length of domain, if it's considered premium (end users opinion), and the extension.

    One safe bet when appraising a domain is (Revenue/month * 12/months). 12 months is a safe bet but domains with potential and a long history of making money the modifier can be up to 36. Without a long history of revenue don't expect more than 3 months revenue.

    Traffic, traffic, traffic. How do people get revenue without traffic? Are the inbound links genuine or do you pay for advertising? Is the google page rank genuine or do you use incoming links from your current sites?

    Finally the most important part is content. If you have original content or a unique service that is custom coded that ups the value significantly. Most serious buyers won't consider a site without some real content!

    To me, that domain, without revenue, undeveloped and without traffic is not worth more than mid to high xx.

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    Thank you for the info. I would like to ask you all if you could direct me to some sites with more detailed info about domains and site value ideas.

    Again, many thanks

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