First, let me explain the reason for this post. I am seeking positions within multiple fields inside or out of the web hosting industry but it must be related to a similar field. Allow me for a moment to list the positions I am seeking:

-Creative Writing: Content development, Articles, etc.

-Sales and Support: Self Explainatory. (Preferably in the web hosting industry, but not required.)

-Business Consultation: With 7 years involved in the web hosting industry I can provide consultation services regarding your business should you require such a service.

You are probably asking yourself:

Why is his choices so abroad?

It's fairly simple. I have done almost everything in this field from sales rep, to running a corporation (legally registered, not a newbie hosting company.) so I feel I could be benificial in one of those three selective area's.

Prices for what you are looking for is tailored for the specific company based on several factors. There are no set prices. If you are interested please email me at thekukumba AT gmail.com with your name, email, company you represent, IM name, and any other relevant information or questions.

I'll contact you once I receive your email. Please no replies to this post unless it is to notify me you sent me mail, that is fine and encouraged.

Thank you for your time.